We are building the Water Diplomacy Network  to create and build trust for actionable water knowledge that can be shared across countries, regions and platforms to resolve water problems.

We launched the Water Diplomacy Network in early 2013 to provide a  way to connect reflective water professionals − scholars, practitioners and decision makers − who are trying to build knowledge, share information and seek resolutions to water problems.

Connecting to the Water Diplomacy Network is free. Network members receive occasional emails (never more than 1 per week)  with updates on Water Diplomacy projects or the people involved in the Water Diplomacy Initiatives and the growing network of reflective water professionals.

The level of participation is for each member to decide. It can be passive — simply receive our email updates; or more active — members are invited to contribute content to the Water Diplomacy Network, which can range from announcing a new publication to providing extended commentary on an important piece of research or water related news item.

We invite members of this list to share their recent publications, projects and other announcements; we include these items of interest to the broad water diplomacy community in our email Alerts and on our website. Also, network members have access to a platform for sharing your academic or professional insights on water management challenges or global events, via our Network blog. Please feel free to share your ideas and updates with us.

As of January 2015 we have over 250 network members, and through the network we have connected with reflective water professionals from around the world.

You can read more about the thought behind launching this network and sign up to join us.


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